Footner CoolActive Massager

Instant relief from burning, tired of heavy feet

  • Instant cooling relief
  • Pressurized massager relaxes the feet
  • Soothes & moisturizes the skin

How does Footner CoolActive Massager work?

Metal massage ball provides instant cooling and acts as a pressure massager to instantly relax the feet.

Cold foam with active ingredients provides instant cooling and helps reducing swelling with moisturizing and soothing properties.

Pleasant smell with  deodorant properties leaves feet smelling fresh.


Footner CoolActive Massager is a rollerball massager that dispenses a cold soothing foam. It provides  immediate relief from common discomforts such as:


  • Uncomfortable feeling on the balls of feet due  to wearing high heels
  • Heavy feet due to standing for long periods of time
  • Tired feet
  • Burning feet after exercise


The instant cooling effect of Footner CoolActive Massager provides an immediate  relief of the discomforts such as burning,  tired and heavy feet.

This product instantly dispenses a cold foam that provides an immediate cooling effect on the feet. With an application of 2-5 minutes 
the skin’s temperature is reduced by 24% (8 degrees) on average.


Images taken with Fit Thermal Camera A35 during and immediately after product’s application. The images show temperature reduction on the soles of the feet.


How to use Footner CoolActive Massager?

Ready to use

  1. Shake the can 1-2 times
  2. Press the roller ball down for few seconds until foam comes out.
  3. Now gently massage the foam into the entire foot, drawing small circles. Do this for at least 2 minutes  on each foot. Shake and reactivate whenever the foam  is running out.
  4. Repeat every time you want to feel cool relief on your feet.

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